Halal: The Next Generation Of Beauty Products

In today’s society, everyone is becoming more conscious of what they consume, put on their skin and the way their lifestyle affects the environment. Over the past few years the terms “green,” “eco-friendly” and “organic” have made their way into everyday conversation. However, the term “halal” may still be one term that raises eyebrows. As this concept of cosmetics continues to grow in popularity around the globe, it’ll only be a matter of time before halal beauty products become as commonplace as everything else we use on a regular basis.

Before diving into what halal cosmetics are, it is helpful to first know what “halal” means and where it comes from. For those of the Muslim faith, this term is very familiar. Arabic in origin, halal means “allowed” or “permissible.” This concept mainly comes into play when it comes to food, as well as other aspects of living a Muslim lifestyle. As most people know, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork.

Therefore, it is not considered “halal.” Make sense? Speaking of pork, it is because of this very food item that the idea of halal cosmetics came about. Thanks to the research efforts of a mother of five named Samina Akhter, who happened to be a follower of the Muslim faith, the nature and source of the ingredients in her beauty products became the main focus of what she found to be a terribly unhealthy practice. Not only did many of the beauty products she researched contain alcohol and animal sources, pork fat/residue was also included. For the many practicing Muslim women around the world, applying cosmetics to their complexions that contains pork by-products is just as bad as eating it.

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As a result, Akhter decided to create her own cosmetics line that was truly halal. Her concern wasn’t just about abiding by her faith, it also dealt with the importance of having beauty items available that were cruelty-free and much healthier for people’s complexions. According to the halal cosmetics movement, any skincare, beauty, fragrance or body care products cannot contain pork (fat, residue or any other trace of this source) or alcohol. Additionally, it must be animal-cruelty free as well.

The great thing about halal certified cosmetics is that its availability isn’t just for Muslims. Women from all walks of life have found this new generation of products very appealing, leading to a large boom in business. Consumers aren’t the only ones that recognize halal cosmetics to be the next best thing in skin care, either. A number of companies in the beauty industry are jumping on the bandwagon to offer their own halal certified brands.

Of course, it is important to make sure that any products you purchase actually meet the guidelines and requirements that allow it to be certified halal. Although this movement is steadily on the rise in demand, there are still many people that are not aware of the purpose it serves and the benefits it could have for their complexions. With the way the products are selling, however, it won’t be long before these types of cosmetics start appearing in local stores as well as online specialty retailers.

Hair History – Hair Around The World

We may have spent most of our educational years learning about history but one factor that goes unmentioned is that of hairstyles. Look through any history book or website about the history and you’ll notice that the hairstyles each culture coveted have changed drastically throughout the centuries. Sometimes it’s fun to see just how the rest of the world perceived beauty and what coiffed hair was deemed “in” during those times.

The ancient Egyptians have been historically noted for pioneering many of the beauty and skincare practices we enjoy today and most likely couldn’t live without. When it came to hair, the Egyptians took things a step further by using wigs to establish rank in society and were regarded as a thing of beauty. Ancient Egyptian women adorned their heads with fine jet-black wigs that were usually long and braided.

They also decorated them with pure gold ornaments and hairpins made of ivory. Such elaborate wigs were often worn during celebrations and special ceremonies. Of course, when the weather grew too hot to stand for wigs, many noblewomen preferred to keep their natural hair clipped short or pulled up into a ponytail or braid to keep their necks cool.

Greek women loved wearing their hair long and enjoyed dying their hair red through the use of henna. While out in society, most Greek women pulled their long tresses up into a chignon. Another popular hair trend was to decorate the hair with everything from tiaras to fresh flowers and some women even used gold powder to sprinkle into their hair. Women of the Roman times used the Greek influence when it came to their hairstyles.

Although by this time, the curling iron was in use and many Roman women – mostly of upper-class ranks – used the same method of sprinkling gold powder in their hair. Over time, the color of gold was a large trend with hairstyles and many Roman women either dyed their hair blonde or wore blonde wigs. Another popular Roman hair trend involved the use of wireframes to shape and craft curled hair by pulling it up into a tight updo and piling it high on the top of the head.

In the East, hairstyles weren’t much of a trend for women over time due to the belief that Muslim women should keep their heads covered.

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In Africa, hairstyles were used specifically to class rank or status in society. Of course, this varies, since there are many different tribes in Africa. In the Mangbetu culture, women sported thin braids and then arranged them in a fashionable coned basket frame. They would then add bone needles to the hairdo as a decoration. Women in the Miango tribes wore their hair in long ponytails, which they covered with headscarves or leaves, while the women in the Masai culture simply shaved their heads bald.

In Asia, the Chinese and Japanese had their own ideas of popular hairstyles. Unwed Chinese girls were required to wear their hair in long braids. Older women tended to comb their hair back and away from their face, which was then wrapped into a knot at the nape of their neck. In Japan, women wore their hair long and loose during Medieval times but in the 17th century, this changed to updos decorated with pins and jeweled combs. Geisha wigs also became very popular and a lot of thought and time when into creating these hair masterpieces.

What Does Conditioning Signify To You?

Exercise is important to obtaining optimal overall health and remaining healthy. Remaining healthy will involve the use of distinctive components of the human body which contain the muscle groups, lungs, the cardiovascular and skeletal process between other individuals.

Exercise aids health and fitness in several ways. For example, vigorous bodily exercise causes the coronary heart muscle groups to perform more durable. This leads to increased blood move all through the human body that allows flow into oxygen to the tissues and also removes the mobile squander items from the human body.

All through training, we have a tendency to inhale deeply and hence attract in excess oxygen that not only allows energy the coronary heart but also the tissues of the human body. When we exhale, we rid the human body of carbon monoxide, a squander item produced as an outcome of biochemical reactions that choose the spot in the human body.

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Frequent and age proper training allows protecting against being overweight. It also allows raising the HDL (Higher-Density Lipoprotein) concentrations in the human body. HDL are sorts of fantastic cholesterol that in fact reward the human body by regulating the sugar concentrations and converting the saved fats into sugars, therefore, producing electricity.

Most people today training with the main purpose of obtaining a well-toned human body, escalating muscle mass and to glance and truly feel nutritious. It also allows over time to strengthen balance, strength and raise stamina as well.

There are distinctive training routines that purpose at building particular areas of the human body. For example, pilates and yoga strengthen balance, adaptability and muscular regulate. A cardio exercise session allows activating the cardiovascular and pulmonary programs and pounds coaching focuses on building muscle mass and firming the human body.

On the other hand, even though these workout routines goal a particular emphasis team, training in basic is advantageous for the total human body. Reasonable training for just 30 minutes a working day, 5 days a week will go a long way in obtaining optimal health and fitness.

There are a wide variety of very simple workout routines that can be done without the need for any distinctive machines or coaching. These contain using a brisk wander, using the stairs where ever doable, heading for a small jog day to day or even skipping.

For those who choose a lot more vigorous forms of exercise, a fantastic tennis game, jogging an hour on the treadmill or training bike, swimming several laps all-around the pool or spinning can help increase your health and fitness and electricity concentrations substantially bigger.

There are constantly a wide variety of courses available at fitness centers and even house gym machines that can be bought for people today who are fully committed to holding themselves healthy on a typical foundation. A daily regime that will involve no cost pounds coaching and a small jog all-around the park is enough to preserve the human body programs functioning well and nutritious. Consequently, it has been rightly said by Aristotle that “To operate well is to stay well”.


Nuts and Seeds as Health Food

Nuts and seeds add protein and vitamins to our diet. We all are aware of suitable to eat kinds of nuts and seeds generally and the best one from them is pine nuts. They are famous and well used in parts of Asia, European states and North America and also used all through the world.

Importance of nuts and seeds

These are edible seeds which are extracted from pine cones and are about a half inch in measurement in a pine tree. Pine nuts add good taste and flavor to the food when used for cooking. The most available and famous form of seeds are Mexican, Colorado pine, Italian stone pine and Chinese nut pine that are freely found in the market place.

Popular names of nuts and seedsIt takes nearly 15 to 25 years for a tree to produce seeds and nuts normally. People refer nuts and seeds with different names as many people make use of it all around the world. The most well known and frequent used name is pesto which are commonly used in salads for good taste and crunchiness of it.

In many of the hotels, chefs include these pestos in their dishes and the people who consume more salads due to their love for it add pesto’s to get more taste in food. These pestos are found with more value and price due to its time consuming production and also the danger factors which are found during cultivation.

Care should be taken in their storage as a proper condition is needed to store them otherwise they change into stale or fatty foods due to the content of more oil in them. The older pine nuts are not fit for cooking purpose so try to buy fresh pine nuts.

Actually fresh pine nuts are called as Indian nuts, pangolin or pignoli or pinon. In India the famous nut recipes are black walnut pesto’s, classic pesto, wild rice pilaf, pine nuts, eve special squid and also sun exposure dried tomato pasta.

Scientific name of pine nuts

The scientific name of pine nuts is pinus pinea. These stone pines come from Portuguese pine nuts which are called as umbrella pine. As per the results announced in 2007 by the Portuguese forest national inventory, Portugal has 83,900 ha of stone pine approximately.

The pine species are addicted to the droughts of Mediterranean region climate and high temperatures. When compared to other pines it is less responsive to pests and diseases than the other pines of Mediterranean.

More number of insects, mammals, amphibians, birds rely on stands of stone pine. It is not a quick growing species and also not valuable, the most valuable and good source of income are the pine nuts of stone pine stands. These are ‘non wood forest products’ (NWFP) harvested for its edible oils, kernels and pine nuts.

It is known that these pine nuts have less negative effect on the ecosystem of forest like timber produce and also arranges full of social and economic uses. Different taste of pine kernels makes a high degree alcoholic drink used before meal and a classical supplement in the dishes of Mediterranean. Pine kernels occupy high place in the traditional dishes of Portugal – according to Golias.fr research.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating for Elders Above 50

Most often aging adults or elders above 50 lack sufficient physical activity. Indulging in some forms of exercise can however help improve health impairments along with curtailing the causing of certain diseases. Exercise can also act as a mood enhancer to generate the feeling of emotional well being as much as healthy eating for elders is being suggested.

However, one has to know the right form and basics to a good workout for the seniors, so as to enable senior health care. Senior health care can also comprise of a more realistic or a practical mild to moderate workout program which can be enjoyed by the elderly.Following are 8 important reasons of working out.

  1. Helps the seniors get a good sleep

Exercise is most definitely a much better option for combating certain sleep related issues in the seniors. Regular exercise will ensure a natural form of fatigue that would be addressed in the body of the elderly, with it requiring appropriate rest induced by good sleep.

  1. Strength Training is equivalent to formation of strong bones

Signs of aging can be seen from the general weakening of our muscle tissues as well as the bones. One of the concrete ways to take away the stress imposed on our bones is to develop muscles mass by way of strength or endurance training. Strength training has time and again proven to be an effective as well as efficient method to arrest muscle loss in the elderly or the seniors.

  1. Reducing risk of heart disease

People who exercise with high intensity, as well as those who do it regularly will help curb the risk of heart disease to a great extent. Certain studies have also depicted as to how any exercise can be beneficial for overall senior healthcare. As such, moderate exercise has also been found to benefit the seniors with existing heart disease.

  1. Assistance in relieving of Arthritis pain

Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of a joint, but the pain that this disease generates is indeed unbearable at times. Searing pain can be experienced one through problem of arthritis, which could linger on for days to come. Arthritis in the elderly develops from an extended every day uses of one’s body, which is why special types of exercise programs are suggested for them.

Exercise can strengthen the muscles near the joint, thus reducing the joint stress around the region. While exercise is essential for an overall well being, for those with arthritis problem it is mandatory.

  1. Type 2 diabetes lowered by 58%

A study suggests a 58% lower risk for Type 2 diabetes in senior adults who exercise for a modest 2.5 hours per week, even if the intensity of such exercise was seen to be in the low to medium range.

Aerobic exercises go very well with people having Type 2 diabetes, which is also found optimal for lowering the risk of heart disease prevailing in the general diabetics. Strength training rendering increase in muscle mass and lowering of fat is patients suffering from diabetes.

alive walmart

Why Alive Vitamins Are Superior

One of the best vitamins to hit the market is the Alive Vitamins by Nature’s Way. Alive Multi vitamins Whole Foods Energizer are considered to be the complete package having lots of nutrients and minerals coming from natural sources. Read this Alive Vitamins review and get a better understanding of the benefits of this Alpha vitamin.

The benefits of this beast pill

Alive is a premium brand vitamin that offers minerals and nutrients coming from natural sources like fruits and vegetables. Alive is carefully formulated with twenty nine minerals and nutrients, eighteen essential amino acids, twenty four fruits and vegetables, fourteen green foods, twelve digestive enzymes, 12 organic mushrooms, and ten fatty acids making it not just complete but “The Mega Nutrient Supplement Source”.

Alive Vitamins have 180 tablets and are packed with many nutrients that could energize you for weeks. The vitamin addresses the three important health areas including daily essentials, system defenders, and botanical energizers.

The system defenders are packed with antioxidants that help keep the cells healthy for proper function.

This mega vitamin is especially formulated for easy absorption. Compared with other food supplements, the vitamins are made to quickly and easily break up making it easier to digest and absorb more nutrients.

If tablets are not your fancy then try the other Nature’s Way products. The Alive Vitamins Powder or Alive Liquid Vitamins can be mixed in a blender or a shaker with water or your favorite juice.

Alive Vitamins the Super Duper Supplement

The powder and liquid are quickly digested and the body will absorb this type of supplement even better The vitamin is formulated from natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, green foods, amino acids, antioxidants, and myco nutrients.

Alive is packed with enough b vitamins, vitamin D and K, C and E, as well as Thiamin and Riboflavin which are made higher than the required daily amount. Because it is a mega vitamin, it is composed of essential minerals such as iodine, zinc, magnesium, copper, molybdenum, selenium, and chromium.  There are bottles with Alive Vitamins with iron and without iron.

It appears to be very impressive giving up to 3300% of the vitamins and minerals needed daily. The green food in Alive is composed of alfalfa, dandelion, wheat grass, and barley grass. This vitamins natural juice blend comes from juice powder with ingredients including asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, parsley, beets, carrots, cabbage, spinach and kale.

The fruits that Alive contain includes blackberry, strawberry, cherry, bilberry, cranberry, blueberry, orange, apricot, plum, grape, pineapple juice, and papaya. It also offers a group of nutrients called citrus bioflavonoid complex comprising of grapefruit juices, lime and lemon. The myco defense mushroom blends are another nutrient included in the vitamins. Alive Vitamins ingredients also include important amino acids, omega fatty acid and digestive enzyme blend.

Worried about all this action packed goodness?

Even though the formulation has been a little bit higher than normal daily requirements, Alive still passed the quality control and scientifically approved accrediting organizations. There are no harmful side effects.

Gaining weight is the only side effect that experts as well as consumers have theoretically formulated but this can be easily addressed with proper diet and food control. It is understandable that vitamins help people gain weight because of the appetite but anything excessive might cause bad health habits.

For people with medical conditions, it is best to first consult a professional or your personal physician if you can take this vitamin to avoid health risks.

Where to purchase this super pill

The vitamins are available in any over the counter local stores with prices between $9 and $35. Some health and fitness stores also offer the vitamins. You can purchase it online by typing in the search term, “Alive Vitamins Amazon” or navigate to eBay and someone may have an Alive Vitamins store with cheaper prices. Also check GNC, Vitacost, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, and Live Vitamins for the vitamins.

Coupons check

Different sites are offering coupons with codes for discounts. Websites such as Coupon Cabin, Sisters Shopping, and other coupon sites are actually offering the same Alive Vitamins coupon. Some of the websites even offer printable coupon if you want to use it when purchasing over the counter at the local health store.

Alive is carefully formulated with twenty nine minerals and nutrients, eighteen essential amino acids, twenty four fruits and vegetables, fourteen green foods, twelve digestive enzymes, 12 organic mushrooms, and ten fatty acids making it not just complete but “The Mega Nutrient Supplement Source”.

Alive Vitamins are the best supplements that you can get in the market. Taking it once a week will actually help you maintain the required vitamins and minerals that your body needs to maintain a balanced nutritious lifestyle.

diet pills

Want To Know How To Find Diet Pills That Work?

Diet pills that work are hard to come by when you want to lose weight. There are some that just don’t live up to the hype and you end up wasting money on something that doesn’t work. However, there are many diet pills that will help you lose weight, but you do have to do your research.

Don’t listen to the hype! Do the research to make sure it has something that will help you lose weight. There are many ways of doing research on diet pills that really work, but you have to know what to research before you purchase them. Check out social network, forums and diet pill reviews to get other opinions of the plan that come with the diet pill.

The best way to know if diet pills work is to find out what’s in them The ingredients are the main reason diet pills work; however, what works for your friend may not work for you. Everyone has a different body type. Find out what body type you are (alkaline, acidity, normal), then research the ingredients in the diet pill.

Look for diet pill reviews and see what others say about the diet plans that come with the diet supplements. That way you will know the side effects, how they work, and if they will work for you. You can also get prescription diet pills since they normally work, but you should still research the ingredients to make sure they will be acceptable to your body.

For example, diet pills with ephedra don’t normally work because ephedra is for the sinuses, not for weight loss. If the diet pill company has broken down the ephedra to extract the ephedrine (a form of amphetamine) from it, then it may work for you and others, but then again, it may not.  It speeds up your heart rate because it is a type of amphetamine somewhat like caffeine.

Over The Counter Diet Pills That Work

There are over the counter diet pills that work, but for the most part they are loaded with caffeine, which is a good appetite suppressor, but that’s all it does. Again, look at the ingredient label to see what you are purchasing.

Some cheap diet pills that work are a supplement that helps the body burn off the excess fat while suppressing the appetite. That is usually a combination of caffeine and appetite suppressors.You can look around for some diet recipes and diet tips for losing weight.

The best diet pill is one that has you eating less. Usually, there are diet plans that come with the diet pill. If you follow the directions, then you will lose weight. However, again, research is the key to losing weight. If you don’t know what you’re putting into your body, you won’t recognize the side effects, plus, you won’t lose weight.

Diets for Quick Weight Loss

When you need to quickly lose weight, you should look for a diet pill that contains a diuretic. There are diet pills that work fast, but they contain a diuretic, which is a water releaser. That means it flushes the extra water out of your body.

The body can hold 10 to 15 extra pounds of water. The diet pill that contains a diuretic will flush the water from the body, making you weigh less. It doesn’t necessarily help you lose weight, but it can help if you need to drop 5 to 10 pounds in a couple of days.  When you stop using the supplement, the weight will come back.Water weight loss will come right back when you are “replenished.”

Losing weight quickly is not the best way to keeping it off. Mostly it’s the extra water in your system that is flushed out. The weight will come back because your body is retaining water. There is no quick way to lose weight. It’s unfortunate since everyone would like to dump 20 pounds overnight, but the body just doesn’t work that way. Losing weight slowing is the best diet plan you can use. It’s somewhat of a lifestyle change, but it works.

Research Is the Key to Losing Weight

The best diet pill is one that helps the body lose weight slowly. There are many diet supplements you can use such as Orovo, Phentermine, Hydroxycut, and Alli. You can find them at some GNCstores, but some of them are prescription diet pills and you’ll need your doctor to prescript them to you.

Whether you get a prescription from your doctor or use over the counter diet pills, do your research before you purchase them to see if the ingredients is something you want in your body. The side effects of diet pills can be extreme to mild, depending on the diet pill. You should always use the diet plan that comes with the diet pill to be sure it works.

When the manufacture creates the diet pill, they also create a diet plan around the supplement. The diet tips, menus and recipes they offer are designed so you will get the full benefit of using a diet pill that works.

Keeping Fit

Keeping Fit to Give Yourself a Healthy Future

In today’s health conscious world more individuals are considering their health important and taking animated measures to keep themselves fit and fit as a fiddle. With the news frequently ruled by stories of the weight pestilence that is clearing the country, its no big surprise that individuals need to take care of themselves and determine that theirs and their family’s prospects are long and euphoric ones.

For most individuals, getting fit as a fiddle methods losing a touch of additional weight and this might be a ton harder to accomplish than it first appears. By utilizing the right kind of fitness supplies you can provide for yourself the best risk of arriving at your perfect weight, and machines, for example, treadmills and circular crosstrainers are a percentage of the best to utilize.

These are both brilliant for utilization at home, as they are easy to utilize and give a fabulous all-over full figure workout. Both machines will practice the greater part of the real muscle assembles in your physique, and in addition giving an escalated cardiovascular workout. This is the way to getting more fit – performing any practice that expands your heart rate and oxygen admission for twenty to thirty minutes three times each week, will result in your constitution to begin blazing calories and accordingly you will bit by bit start to get in shape.

When they’ve arrived at their perfect weight, numerous individuals are well and genuinely snared on the fitness bug and search for different approaches to enhance their constitution. Building a bit additional muscle and muscle definition is ordinarily honestly high on most individuals’ rundown, and utilizing the right games supplements can truly offer assistance.

Protein shakes are beyond question the most well-known, and they can have a sensational effect to any workout administration. By supplementing the measure of regularly structuring protein that is found in the constitution, you give your muscles the precise supplement that it uses throughout its repair and recovery methodology and this is the point at which the muscles expand in quality and size.

Taking a preworkout supplement, for example, creatine can likewise help by expanding the measure of vitality you have throughout your workout, implying that you can expand the force of, and by growth the additions from, any weightlifting workout.

While regardless you’re getting utilization to your new fitness administration it can take your constitution a little time to acclimate to the anxieties and strains that you’re putting it through, and throughout this time you might be inclined to grabbing damages and niggles. Any soreness or harm ought to be considered important, and you ought to make an errand at your closest health center to have it looked at. Keeping on exerciing can hazard intensifying the damage, putting you out of activity for quite a while.

So with a tad of diligent work, you can make an advantageous change to your health and fitness. Picking an activity schedule that you appreciate is the way to verifying that you’re as dedicated in three months time as you were on the day that you began. When excessively long, you ought to begin to perceive the progressions to your constitution and this might be a genuine inspiration to keeping yourself going when difficulties escape hand.

child autism

Getting Your Child to Understand Autism

The number of children being diagnosed with autism has increased sharply over the last few years, and along with the increased number of diagnoses we’ve seen improvements in autism care. Thanks to supported living assistance, many autistic children can lead relatively normal lives. This means that your child may have one or more autistic classmates.

Teaching your child what autism means, and how to communicate with autistic children, will help them to understand why the autistic child sometimes behaves in ways that seem unusual and will help them to learn that people think differently.

Explaining Autism

Young children that are still learning to communicate themselves may find it difficult to understand what autism means. The best thing to do is to keep the explanation simple. Explain that a child with autism may find it difficult to cope with lots of noise, or being touched, and that they aren’t being rude if they cover their ears, or shrink away from touch.

Tell your child that their autistic classmate might find it difficult to understand jokes, facial expressions, and the way people behave in groups. The social rules that the rest of the class follows without even thinking about it – such as taking turns with toys, or deciding as a group whether to play tag or hide and seek at playtime, are as indecipherable to an autistic child as the hardest subject at school is to your child.

Autism is Not Contagious

When a child first hears about autism, they may be worried that they can catch it. One of the first things you should explain to your child is that they can’t catch autism. Nobody knows for sure what causes it, but it doesn’t spread from person to person, so it’s perfectly safe for your child to play with an autistic child.

Autistic children may behave strangely if they are confused or distressed, and they may sometimes act in ways that could be thought of as being rude – not because they want to cause offence, but because they simply don’t understand how people see their behaviour. If your child understands why their classmates may behave like this, then they will be more tolerant and understanding; a skill that will serve them well in the future.

What Can Doctors Do?

Children can be amazingly caring and kind-hearted, and your child may be worried about how the other child feels, and what the future holds for them.  Explain that, thanks to supported living and improved autism care, it’s possible for them to go on to lead a relatively normal life.

Autistic children that attend a regular school and have access to specialist autism care outside of school can often go on to pick up most of the important life skills, get a job, and live on their own just like a person without autism.

People without an autistic spectrum disorder are called “neurotypical” by doctors.  Using such jargon may confuse a young child, but it’s a good idea to avoid using the word “normal”, as that can cause a lot of unnecessary stigma.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Voyage who provide supported living services as well as help with autism care.


Boosting Your Blood Count and Why It Matters

Most people are not entirely sure what their blood does. Many think of it as being like oil in a car; that it just circulates and circulates and somehow keeps things moist and lubricated. As much as it does tend to keep you from drying out, it actually does several very important things. Plus, not all blood is equal.

Some people have a low CBC, or Complete Blood Count, and it negatively affects their health. You don’t have to be anemic or HIV-positive to be negatively affected by low blood count, but you can actually live healthier and more productively by considering ways to boost that count, even if you are relatively healthy. Let me explain CBC and how you can increase it for the sake of your health.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) and What It Means for Health

Your body’s CBC is the sum of the components of your blood, which include red and white blood cells, and platelets. If you would like to get your CBC tested, consult your doctor or visit any licensed health clinics that will test your blood. Each of the three different blood components does something unique and essential for your body. That is why increasing their count can help make your body more efficient and healthier.

Your red blood cells are what transports oxygen through your body. When you breathe in, oxygen fills your lungs and is distributed to masses of tiny bronchioles which act as a packing center where oxygen molecules are bound to red blood cells.

From there, your blood stream spreads the oxygen throughout the body where it does its work of aiding cell respiration, and contributing to the necessary chemical changes that make your body absorb nutrients and expel waste. You could say that your metabolism is tied up directly with your red blood cell count. Low count can mean low energy and productivity and propensity toward sickness.

Your white blood cells do quite a different thing, but are just as involved in keeping you from sickness. These cells virtually make up the immune system. White blood cells confront foreign cells and particles that enter your body so that they do not cause problems for normal function. When your white blood cells are low, you experience more aptitude toward sickness and your immune system doesn’t do its job.

Finally, your platelets are fragments of cells, full of protein, that boost growth in cells and ensure that your blood clots when you bleed. When you experience low numbers of platelets (as in anemics), you notice bleeding in sensitive areas such as the gums and nose, and inability to properly heal after injury.

What You Can Do

If you suffer from one of the above conditions in a diagnosed and severe way (such as anemia, cancer, HIV, or have a history of blood clots), then the following advice won’t help you as much as it would a person who is otherwise healthy. But, if there are no underlying issues, taking the following steps can help boost your CBC and thus your health.

To begin, get your CBC tested by a professional and take steps to adjust your blood count from there. Depending on where you discern weakness in your CBC, here are a few tips to help you boost your numbers.

When it comes to red blood cells in someone without an underlying medical condition, a low count can be bolstered by supplementing your diet with iron. Iron deficiency is the leading cause of low red blood cell count.

When my wife went to the doctor for headaches and dizziness, he recommended that she simply boost her iron intake to ensure that her body was getting enough oxygen. His advice paid off, and while she was on the iron, her headaches decreased!

There are a few ways to get your daily iron. You can take iron tablets, which you can buy on any vitamin aisle, or you can try to add additional amounts of iron-rich foods to your diet, such as spinach, kale, and other leafy greens, as well as eggs, red meats, fish, and whole wheat breads.

The growth of white blood cells, on the other hand, can be promoted by taking additional vitamin A and C, as well as saying “no” to processed sugar and fatty foods. As is true above, leafy greens and lean meats are the best way to naturally increase your white blood cell count. Despite the usefulness of supplementing your diet with these foods and vitamins, your health is also linked to more personal matters.

Stress is one of the leading causes of diminished white blood cell count, and thus of low immune system. Whether you can escape your stressors or not, seek to find a healthy out by exercising, meditating, taking walks, or scheduling regular meetings with people who build you up and allow you to process your stress.

Finally, when it comes to boosting your platelet count, make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin K and calcium. Typically, you can get more than enough of vitamin K by eating one cup of kale or broccoli daily. Calcium in necessary because platelets are created in the bone marrow, and their clotting processes often require calcium to function properly. Your platelet function can diminish if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol as well.

All in all, for higher levels of health and happiness, get your CBC tested and take control of your blood count!