About Us

Our Mission: To provide you with the most common sense programs, products and information available that will give you the motivation and power you need to change your Health and be in control of your Life.

Advice: We’ll present you with the most common sense approach on the “how to” of being healthy & fit with information that applies to you and advice you can use. We’ve assembled a top of the line advisory board of medical, fitness, and transportation professionals to help us advise you on the latest and most useful information. From time to time we’ll have contributing articles from physicians, nutritionists, dietitians, exercise and fitness experts and you.

Motivation: Getting you “pumped up” to start working on being healthy is an important goal of ours. If we don’t get you excited about it, you’re going to be like the rest of the country and not be very involved in taking a positive road to changing your health. CD’s, booklets on exercise and nutrition, seminars and quick reference pamphlets; all designed to help you get started on a safe, common sense health and fitness program are just a few tools we have to help you get movin’.

Product: Everyday you are “slam dunked” with a variety of products. Choosing which ones to use that will benefit you is usually hit and miss for you and everyone. Exercise equipment, vitamins, herbs, foods, drinks, diets and over the counter drugs of all different types and labels. So many choices there’s no way you could know. Even the professionals differ on choices. We’ll help you sort out the best choices and understand why we feel they are the best. The products we represent are products you can trust.

Programs: Everything is designed specifically for the lifestyle you lead. CD’s, booklets on exercise, nutrition and quick reference pamphlets help you start on a safe, common sense road to health and fitness.