Spa Treatment For Women

Spa hotels are cropping up all over the country and the idea of a spa retreat has really begun to grow in popularity. There are some towns though, who has played host to spa-goers for centuries now, the ancient city of Bath for example or Royal Tunbridge Wells who’s facilities date back hundreds of years ago. Cities such as these have grown around the apparent natural rejuvenating qualities of the fresh spring water sprouting from the ground in their regions. But with the reputation of spa treatments at an all-time high and newer, more groundbreaking treatments are coming to light all the time, what treatments are actually worthwhile?

Here are some of the best treatments on offer at the moment:

Body wraps:

Any spa worth its salt will offer a body wrap on their treatment menu. They are designed to slim and tone the body whilst firming and hydrating the skin and soothing the muscles. Different spas will have their own version of the body wrap but it usually starts with the beautician coving your body in either oil, specialist moisturizer or mud. You are then wrapped tightly in warm cotton cloths. This treatment is ideal for this time of the year as many women worldwide will desire that ‘beach body’ they crave for as they go on holiday and show off their bodies in the blistering sun.

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Flotation Tanks:

The weightlessness and serenity of flotation tanks have been something awaiting spa-goers for years now. As each customer floats on top of a pool of salt water in their own individual tank, stress and tension seem to float away. Locked away in a world of your own, you are in an atmosphere void of all outside sounds and sights you are truly at peace. In times like these, it is essential to have time away from the stresses of the world, to relax and forget about any worries you may have.


More of a spiritual practice, like many treatments, Reiki comes to our spas form the Far East, with the promise of more relaxed body and soul. Energy is transferred from the practitioner to the customer from their hands to trouble areas on the head and torso. Some refer to the Reiki as an extra-special message. As well as massage therapy, it offers a sense of spiritual upliftment helping the mind and soul to feel better about itself.

Whether or not you are a true believer in all of the spa treatments on offer there is no denying how rejuvenated you feel after a spa trip, so the next time you are feeling stressed, why not check out the last minute spa deals. No matter what treatments you go for, being pampered in any way is always a de-stress. Men, as well as women, need time to relax every now and again, so don’t think that spa treatments are limited to just the female population. No matter what gender you are, enjoy a spa treatment today!

Halloween Wig Styling Tips

Anyone that is a fan of dressing up for Halloween will agree that when it comes to putting together a great costume, it’s all in the details. Having just the outfit alone isn’t enough. From props to little things, such as makeup and hair these all help an individual to stand out among the other ghouls and gals. If you’ve been thinking of taking your costume skills up a notch by adding a wig, you’ll want to make sure to keep the following tips in mind.

Choose Like It’s the Real Thing

Just as you would take certain factors into consideration when it comes to choosing a new hairstyle for your real hair, the same goes for choosing Halloween wigs. Face shape is perhaps the most important factor when shopping around for wigs. Just because it’s a costume, doesn’t mean you can’t try to get your wig to look like the real thing. Those wanting believable results will want to visit an actual costume shop, a wig store or a retailer that specializes in selling theater products. The fly-by-night Halloween costume shops that only come into town once a year typically only offer their wigs in packages, which they may or may not allow customers to remove in order to inspect it closer.

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Additionally, the wigs sold at these types of stores are usually generic and not of good quality. Unless the character you plan on being has a specific, recognizable style, you’ll be free to customize your wig to your liking.

Real or Synthetic?

Hardcore Halloween lovers have no problem spending money on quality real hair wigs if it will give them the final results they want. Of course, synthetic wigs are also ideal for getting the job done. If money isn’t an issue, purchasing real hair wigs will give a realistic appearance as well as flexibility in terms of styling. You can put heated styling tools and hair products on real hair wigs, unlike synthetic versions. Buying a synthetic wig means purchasing the style “as is.” Putting a curling or straightening iron on a fake wig will end up melting the hair.

Add Some Style

Want to really make your wig stand out and add some flair to your costume this Halloween? Instead of choosing a wig that is already styled, opt for a plain one and take it into your local hair salon to get it cut and styled by a professional stylist. This can be done with both synthetic and real hair wigs – just make sure to tell the stylist if it is synthetic so that they won’t apply any heat to it. Adding hair dye is another great way to customize a wig for your Halloween costume.

Don’t Forget the Maintenance

Whether you plan on using your wig in the future or are thinking about storing it until the next time you’ll need it, caring for your wig is essential for maintaining its appearance. When storing your wig, place it in an airtight plastic bag or container to prevent dust and moisture from accumulating.

When it comes to cleaning the wig, place it in a sink of cool water, mixed with regular shampoo. Let the wig soak for five minutes and use your fingers to gently swirl the wig around in the sink. Do not try to lather shampoo like you would on your own hair. Rinse in cool water and place it on a towel and air dry. Only use a wig brush to smooth the hair afterward (however, brushing is not recommended for curly wigs since it will cause it to get frizzy).

Halal: The Next Generation Of Beauty Products

In today’s society, everyone is becoming more conscious of what they consume, put on their skin and the way their lifestyle affects the environment. Over the past few years the terms “green,” “eco-friendly” and “organic” have made their way into everyday conversation. However, the term “halal” may still be one term that raises eyebrows. As this concept of cosmetics continues to grow in popularity around the globe, it’ll only be a matter of time before halal beauty products become as commonplace as everything else we use on a regular basis.

Before diving into what halal cosmetics are, it is helpful to first know what “halal” means and where it comes from. For those of the Muslim faith, this term is very familiar. Arabic in origin, halal means “allowed” or “permissible.” This concept mainly comes into play when it comes to food, as well as other aspects of living a Muslim lifestyle. As most people know, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork.

Therefore, it is not considered “halal.” Make sense? Speaking of pork, it is because of this very food item that the idea of halal cosmetics came about. Thanks to the research efforts of a mother of five named Samina Akhter, who happened to be a follower of the Muslim faith, the nature and source of the ingredients in her beauty products became the main focus of what she found to be a terribly unhealthy practice. Not only did many of the beauty products she researched contain alcohol and animal sources, pork fat/residue was also included. For the many practicing Muslim women around the world, applying cosmetics to their complexions that contains pork by-products is just as bad as eating it.

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As a result, Akhter decided to create her own cosmetics line that was truly halal. Her concern wasn’t just about abiding by her faith, it also dealt with the importance of having beauty items available that were cruelty-free and much healthier for people’s complexions. According to the halal cosmetics movement, any skincare, beauty, fragrance or body care products cannot contain pork (fat, residue or any other trace of this source) or alcohol. Additionally, it must be animal-cruelty free as well.

The great thing about halal certified cosmetics is that its availability isn’t just for Muslims. Women from all walks of life have found this new generation of products very appealing, leading to a large boom in business. Consumers aren’t the only ones that recognize halal cosmetics to be the next best thing in skin care, either. A number of companies in the beauty industry are jumping on the bandwagon to offer their own halal certified brands.

Of course, it is important to make sure that any products you purchase actually meet the guidelines and requirements that allow it to be certified halal. Although this movement is steadily on the rise in demand, there are still many people that are not aware of the purpose it serves and the benefits it could have for their complexions. With the way the products are selling, however, it won’t be long before these types of cosmetics start appearing in local stores as well as online specialty retailers.


Save Money on Your Beauty

These days money can be tight and many are finding that their lifestyle habits are costing them more than they can afford. When it comes to beauty and hair care, the same can also be true. If you’re looking for ways to minimize your spending, cutting corners on your beauty routine can be just enough to get the job done and still leave you looking fabulous.

Receiving special beauty treatments at your local salon or day spa can be quite addictive. Unfortunately, these treatments can be hazardous to your wallet. The main way to make the most of your beauty routine while sparing your bank account is to learn to do it yourself! Sure, there aren’t many things that compare to being pampered but once you see how much money you’ll be saving, chances are you’ll have no problem being your own beauty and hair guru. Even if some of the beauty services you get don’t charge that much, over time it all begins to add up.

If you’re a regular at the salon for a leg and bikini wax, skip the expensive appointments and turn to do-it-yourself waxing kits. Many brands now carry easy to use pre-made wax strips that you activate by rubbing them between your palms to heat up the wax. Smooth the strip onto the area, wait a few seconds and then rip the strip off. Voila! You’ve now got your own waxing service in your home. When all else fails, you can rely on the traditional razor and shaving cream. It may not get the perfect results you’re used to, but it will get rid of the hair and put more money in your wallet.

This same do-it-yourself method pretty much goes for anything beauty related, including your face. There are plenty of online recipes for great facials so there should be no reason why you can’t host your own beauty gathering with girlfriends and pamper each other. Ingredients for at-home facials can be found in your kitchen or you can buy affordable facial kits for home use.

When it comes to your eyebrows, being inexperienced can bring about bad results, so the next time you get your brows professionally done, stay on top of them afterwards by tweezing your brows in order to keep the clean definition and stray hairs at bay. With enough practice, you’ll know how to effectively keep your brows groomed and your trips to the salon to get them done will decrease.

Fans of the manicure and pedicure can easily spend hundreds of dollars in a year getting them professionally done at a salon. You can purchase manicure and pedicure kits from the local grocery store for way less than the pros charge. And it doesn’t take much to learn. You’d be surprised how much fun you can have doing your own manicures and pedicures. Or if you have a girlfriend that does them very well, enlist her help. Even having a friend do it for you will cost less and open more time for socializing!

As far as hair care goes, save money and time by learning to style your hair yourself and avoid too many chemical color treatments. They’re not only bad for your wallet, exposure to such chemicals is also bad for your hair in the long run. Know what products to buy and study the techniques you’re accustomed to watching in the salon mirror. Over time you’ll be able to recreate those same styles for free.