Nuts and Seeds as Health Food

Nuts and seeds add protein and vitamins to our diet. We all are aware of suitable to eat kinds of nuts and seeds generally and the best one from them is pine nuts. They are famous and well used in parts of Asia, European states and North America and also used all through the world.

Importance of nuts and seeds

These are edible seeds which are extracted from pine cones and are about a half inch in measurement in a pine tree. Pine nuts add good taste and flavor to the food when used for cooking. The most available and famous form of seeds are Mexican, Colorado pine, Italian stone pine and Chinese nut pine that are freely found in the market place.

Popular names of nuts and seedsIt takes nearly 15 to 25 years for a tree to produce seeds and nuts normally. People refer nuts and seeds with different names as many people make use of it all around the world. The most well known and frequent used name is pesto which are commonly used in salads for good taste and crunchiness of it.

In many of the hotels, chefs include these pestos in their dishes and the people who consume more salads due to their love for it add pesto’s to get more taste in food. These pestos are found with more value and price due to its time consuming production and also the danger factors which are found during cultivation.

Care should be taken in their storage as a proper condition is needed to store them otherwise they change into stale or fatty foods due to the content of more oil in them. The older pine nuts are not fit for cooking purpose so try to buy fresh pine nuts.

Actually fresh pine nuts are called as Indian nuts, pangolin or pignoli or pinon. In India the famous nut recipes are black walnut pesto’s, classic pesto, wild rice pilaf, pine nuts, eve special squid and also sun exposure dried tomato pasta.

Scientific name of pine nuts

The scientific name of pine nuts is pinus pinea. These stone pines come from Portuguese pine nuts which are called as umbrella pine. As per the results announced in 2007 by the Portuguese forest national inventory, Portugal has 83,900 ha of stone pine approximately.

The pine species are addicted to the droughts of Mediterranean region climate and high temperatures. When compared to other pines it is less responsive to pests and diseases than the other pines of Mediterranean.

More number of insects, mammals, amphibians, birds rely on stands of stone pine. It is not a quick growing species and also not valuable, the most valuable and good source of income are the pine nuts of stone pine stands. These are ‘non wood forest products’ (NWFP) harvested for its edible oils, kernels and pine nuts.

It is known that these pine nuts have less negative effect on the ecosystem of forest like timber produce and also arranges full of social and economic uses. Different taste of pine kernels makes a high degree alcoholic drink used before meal and a classical supplement in the dishes of Mediterranean. Pine kernels occupy high place in the traditional dishes of Portugal – according to research.

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Want To Know How To Find Diet Pills That Work?

Diet pills that work are hard to come by when you want to lose weight. There are some that just don’t live up to the hype and you end up wasting money on something that doesn’t work. However, there are many diet pills that will help you lose weight, but you do have to do your research.

Don’t listen to the hype! Do the research to make sure it has something that will help you lose weight. There are many ways of doing research on diet pills that really work, but you have to know what to research before you purchase them. Check out social network, forums and diet pill reviews to get other opinions of the plan that come with the diet pill.

The best way to know if diet pills work is to find out what’s in them The ingredients are the main reason diet pills work; however, what works for your friend may not work for you. Everyone has a different body type. Find out what body type you are (alkaline, acidity, normal), then research the ingredients in the diet pill.

Look for diet pill reviews and see what others say about the diet plans that come with the diet supplements. That way you will know the side effects, how they work, and if they will work for you. You can also get prescription diet pills since they normally work, but you should still research the ingredients to make sure they will be acceptable to your body.

For example, diet pills with ephedra don’t normally work because ephedra is for the sinuses, not for weight loss. If the diet pill company has broken down the ephedra to extract the ephedrine (a form of amphetamine) from it, then it may work for you and others, but then again, it may not.  It speeds up your heart rate because it is a type of amphetamine somewhat like caffeine.

Over The Counter Diet Pills That Work

There are over the counter diet pills that work, but for the most part they are loaded with caffeine, which is a good appetite suppressor, but that’s all it does. Again, look at the ingredient label to see what you are purchasing.

Some cheap diet pills that work are a supplement that helps the body burn off the excess fat while suppressing the appetite. That is usually a combination of caffeine and appetite suppressors.You can look around for some diet recipes and diet tips for losing weight.

The best diet pill is one that has you eating less. Usually, there are diet plans that come with the diet pill. If you follow the directions, then you will lose weight. However, again, research is the key to losing weight. If you don’t know what you’re putting into your body, you won’t recognize the side effects, plus, you won’t lose weight.

Diets for Quick Weight Loss

When you need to quickly lose weight, you should look for a diet pill that contains a diuretic. There are diet pills that work fast, but they contain a diuretic, which is a water releaser. That means it flushes the extra water out of your body.

The body can hold 10 to 15 extra pounds of water. The diet pill that contains a diuretic will flush the water from the body, making you weigh less. It doesn’t necessarily help you lose weight, but it can help if you need to drop 5 to 10 pounds in a couple of days.  When you stop using the supplement, the weight will come back.Water weight loss will come right back when you are “replenished.”

Losing weight quickly is not the best way to keeping it off. Mostly it’s the extra water in your system that is flushed out. The weight will come back because your body is retaining water. There is no quick way to lose weight. It’s unfortunate since everyone would like to dump 20 pounds overnight, but the body just doesn’t work that way. Losing weight slowing is the best diet plan you can use. It’s somewhat of a lifestyle change, but it works.

Research Is the Key to Losing Weight

The best diet pill is one that helps the body lose weight slowly. There are many diet supplements you can use such as Orovo, Phentermine, Hydroxycut, and Alli. You can find them at some GNCstores, but some of them are prescription diet pills and you’ll need your doctor to prescript them to you.

Whether you get a prescription from your doctor or use over the counter diet pills, do your research before you purchase them to see if the ingredients is something you want in your body. The side effects of diet pills can be extreme to mild, depending on the diet pill. You should always use the diet plan that comes with the diet pill to be sure it works.

When the manufacture creates the diet pill, they also create a diet plan around the supplement. The diet tips, menus and recipes they offer are designed so you will get the full benefit of using a diet pill that works.

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The Weight Loss Benefits of Eating Raw Foods

Raw foods have been in the limelight for their benefits in detoxification. Now, they have also gained their place as an effective weight loss remedy because they are simple and provide obvious benefits.

Raw foods can yield weight loss results due to the following mechanisms:

  1. Raw foods are low in calories

Raw foods are so simple that they don’t contain other additional calories that can be added when cooking foods. The use of oil, butter, shortenings, and other ingredients just add to the calories that you consume in a given food. In fact, cooking foods can add up to 25% more calories to the basic ingredients. When you eat raw foods, you only take in the nutrients in that specific food so you are confident of fewer calories and less weight gain.

  1. Digesting raw foods requires more energy

Raw foods require more energy and more work by the digestive system and body in order to be broken down into smaller units to be absorbed. When the body works harder, more energy is required, hence more calories are burned. A study conducted in rats showed that rats that ate raw foods had a lower body mass than rats that ate cooked foods. This implies that people who also eat raw foods will have more significant weight loss.

  1. Raw foods satisfy hunger better

With raw foods, the total water content of the food is not reduced as compared to cooked foods that allow the water content to evaporate. For instance, raw fish will have a denser weight compared to grilled or broiled fish. When foods have more water content, they are heavier and lead to a feeling of fullness.

  1. Raw foods are all natural

Since you eat foods raw, they all come from natural sources. Natural foods don’t have salt, preservatives and other additives that can add to your weight. Eating raw foods is as simple as eating directly from nature.Some people negate the consumption of raw foods because of various reasons such as parasitism, indigestion and food contamination. However, eating raw foods may be beneficial if you consume them carefully.

Foods that can be eaten raw generally include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Meat (tender parts)
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

Among the raw foods you can eat, the green, leafy vegetables should be the focus. Leafy greens have vast nutrients that are essential for the body. Eating them more often than any other food groups provides the body with the needed vitamins and minerals and they don’t contain a lot of calories in them. In addition, leafy greens that are raw tend to have a higher fiber content that helps eliminate fats and cholesterol in the colon. Choose those that are fresh and undamaged. Organic vegetables are also preferred.

Aside from vegetables, you can also eat meat raw, but make sure to take the tender parts and eat only those that have been recently butchered. This limits bacterial content and possible parasitism. If you don’t like eating raw meat, then you can just cook it for a few minutes.

Fish is also a good choice to eat raw. You can prepare your own sushi or sashimi. As you can see, the Japanese are fond of eating raw foods such as these and they are one of the slimmest people in the world.

The weight loss benefits of raw foods are truly natural. There are a lot of weight loss methods that are being used, but eating raw foods is one of the healthiest ways to reduce the calories you take in a day.

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8 Delicious Foods that Help Fight Belly Fat

Food has evolved ever since humans stopped to wander the jungles and built homes to live. The trend to eating food has changed in this way “Prehistoric humans ate what they got modern day humans create foods that taste good for our tongues”.

Humans have lost the touch to cook food at home and are always after instant foods. The result of such changeovers is the bounty of diseases we all carry on us. The major drawback obtain from such foods are the increase in body fat and yes, the belly fat subsequently.

Here you will learn how to lose belly fat without putting lot of efforts. Below are eight delicious foods that will help you fight belly fat.

  1. Greens: Greens in any form help you to reduce the fat intake to the body. Moreover, greens provide more volume for the stomach making you feel full. Salads are ideal dishes to be taken before food. They carry a vitamin rich diet and provide good fiber content. Other greens such as Spinach, Broccoli, Lettuce, etc. can be included in the daily diet.
  2. Oats: Oats are fiber rich foods that suit everyone. People suffering from diabetes can opt for Oats as the main food in their diet. The slow digestion rate of oats tends to make one feel full for long hours. The added advantage in oats is that it increases the blood sugar level only to a very mild extent.
  3. Yoghurt: Try going in for fat free yoghurts. Numerous research articles point to the rapid reduction in belly fat with the intake of yoghurts. Numerous diet regimes based on yoghurts are available in plenty. The usage of yoghurts in every meal one has tended to have an immediate benefit.
  4. Nuts: Nuts are a good source for protein. Having nuts in their original form helps to gain necessary proteins for the body and make you feel full. Nuts do provide god amount of energy to the body.
  5. Low Fatty Oils: Oils have become a common commodity in everyday food. Using low fat oil such as olive oil can help one to reduce the fat intake. Mono saturated oils possess a good quality of controlling the cholesterol level in the body which is directly linked to the body fat.
  6. Eggs: An Egg a day is provides a good amount of protein to the body. Having eggs for a meal tends to help one from adding more fat to the body. The vitamin B12 in the eggs helps one to metabolize the fat content in the body.
  7. Green Tea: Green tea is the best antioxidant known. Green tea helps the body to metabolize itself to maintain the body fat. Apart from the fat control fact, Green Tea provides one with great nourishment and makes one feel very fresh.
  8. Fruits: Every fruit is unique in its way. Having a fruit for every meal provides good nourishment to the stomach. Fruits are in no way connected to fat and hence can be had as the best alternative to all other types of food.