Nuts and Seeds as Health Food


Nuts and seeds add protein and vitamins to our diet. We all are aware of suitable to eat kinds of nuts and seeds generally and the best one from them is pine nuts. They are famous and well used in parts of Asia, European states and North America and also used all through the world.

Importance of nuts and seeds

These are edible seeds which are extracted from pine cones and are about a half inch in measurement in a pine tree. Pine nuts add good taste and flavor to the food when used for cooking. The most available and famous form of seeds are Mexican, Colorado pine, Italian stone pine and Chinese nut pine that are freely found in the market place.

Popular names of nuts and seedsIt takes nearly 15 to 25 years for a tree to produce seeds and nuts normally. People refer nuts and seeds with different names as many people make use of it all around the world. The most well known and frequent used name is pesto which are commonly used in salads for good taste and crunchiness of it.

In many of the hotels, chefs include these pestos in their dishes and the people who consume more salads due to their love for it add pesto’s to get more taste in food. These pestos are found with more value and price due to its time consuming production and also the danger factors which are found during cultivation.

Care should be taken in their storage as a proper condition is needed to store them otherwise they change into stale or fatty foods due to the content of more oil in them. The older pine nuts are not fit for cooking purpose so try to buy fresh pine nuts.

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Actually fresh pine nuts are called as Indian nuts, pangolin or pignoli or pinon. In India the famous nut recipes are black walnut pesto’s, classic pesto, wild rice pilaf, pine nuts, eve special squid and also sun exposure dried tomato pasta.

Scientific name of pine nuts

The scientific name of pine nuts is pinus pinea. These stone pines come from Portuguese pine nuts which are called as umbrella pine. As per the results announced in 2007 by the Portuguese forest national inventory, Portugal has 83,900 ha of stone pine approximately.

The pine species are addicted to the droughts of Mediterranean region climate and high temperatures. When compared to other pines it is less responsive to pests and diseases than the other pines of Mediterranean.

More number of insects, mammals, amphibians, birds rely on stands of stone pine. It is not a quick growing species and also not valuable, the most valuable and good source of income are the pine nuts of stone pine stands. These are ‘non wood forest products’ (NWFP) harvested for its edible oils, kernels and pine nuts.

It is known that these pine nuts have less negative effect on the ecosystem of forest like timber produce and also arranges full of social and economic uses. Different taste of pine kernels makes a high degree alcoholic drink used before meal and a classical supplement in the dishes of Mediterranean. Pine kernels occupy high place in the traditional dishes of Portugal – according to research.

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