Spa Treatment For Women

Spa hotels are cropping up all over the country and the idea of a spa retreat has really begun to grow in popularity. There are some towns though, who has played host to spa-goers for centuries now, the ancient city of Bath for example or Royal Tunbridge Wells who’s facilities date back hundreds of years ago. Cities such as these have grown around the apparent natural rejuvenating qualities of the fresh spring water sprouting from the ground in their regions. But with the reputation of spa treatments at an all-time high and newer, more groundbreaking treatments are coming to light all the time, what treatments are actually worthwhile?

Here are some of the best treatments on offer at the moment:

Body wraps:

Any spa worth its salt will offer a body wrap on their treatment menu. They are designed to slim and tone the body whilst firming and hydrating the skin and soothing the muscles. Different spas will have their own version of the body wrap but it usually starts with the beautician coving your body in either oil, specialist moisturizer or mud. You are then wrapped tightly in warm cotton cloths. This treatment is ideal for this time of the year as many women worldwide will desire that ‘beach body’ they crave for as they go on holiday and show off their bodies in the blistering sun.

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Flotation Tanks:

The weightlessness and serenity of flotation tanks have been something awaiting spa-goers for years now. As each customer floats on top of a pool of salt water in their own individual tank, stress and tension seem to float away. Locked away in a world of your own, you are in an atmosphere void of all outside sounds and sights you are truly at peace. In times like these, it is essential to have time away from the stresses of the world, to relax and forget about any worries you may have.

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More of a spiritual practice, like many treatments, Reiki comes to our spas form the Far East, with the promise of more relaxed body and soul. Energy is transferred from the practitioner to the customer from their hands to trouble areas on the head and torso. Some refer to the Reiki as an extra-special message. As well as massage therapy, it offers a sense of spiritual upliftment helping the mind and soul to feel better about itself.

Whether or not you are a true believer in all of the spa treatments on offer there is no denying how rejuvenated you feel after a spa trip, so the next time you are feeling stressed, why not check out the last minute spa deals. No matter what treatments you go for, being pampered in any way is always a de-stress. Men, as well as women, need time to relax every now and again, so don’t think that spa treatments are limited to just the female population. No matter what gender you are, enjoy a spa treatment today!

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